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The Delegation of Uganda Embassy to China Visiting STDU

Date: 2019-06-03  

In the afternoon of May 28th, Amb. Henry Mayega, the Deputy Head of Mission of Uganda Embassy to China, and Brian Okot Lukwiya, the Financial Attaché paid a visit to STDU companied by Li Huifang and Zhang Keyu, the officials from Foreign Affairs Office of Hebei Province. Feng Wenjie, the Vice President of STDU, met with the guests.

Feng Wenjie extended his heartfelt welcome to the visitors. He introduced to the visitors the historical development, faculty, construction of scientific researches, talent cultivation, and international communications. He particularly emphasized the efforts of STDU in advocating the Belt and Road Initiative, promoting the education of foreign students and carrying out technological training for foreign aid. He also expressed the hope to take this opportunity and continue to propel the school’s cooperation and exchanges with Uganda.

The Deputy Head of Mission denoted that it was his pleasure to visit STDU again. He complimented the University for accomplishing the aim of training the first batch of trainees in the “Uganda Railway Capacity Building Program”. He expressed gratitude to the University for educating and caring for the Ugandan trainees and students in both teaching and daily life. He also introduced that Makerere University is one of the most powerful universities in Uganda and it has well-equipped research centers. In order to further promote the Uganda-China cooperation and communication, the Uganda’s Embassy to China will play a more constructive role in the inter-university communication, scientific research cooperation, mutual visit of faculty members, and cooperative education of international students between Makerere University and STDU. It will spare no efforts to implement the relevant cooperation and put it into practice.

Meanwhile, the two sides exchanged ideas in terms of the education of international students, inter-university communication, and university-industry cooperation.

In April 2017, STDU won the bid of the “Uganda Railway Capacity Building Program” organized by China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd (CHEC) and took charge of the tasks of training the professionals and technicians in the fields of design, construction, management for the program, and assisting Tororo Institute of Technology in formulating its development planning and establishing a complete schooling system. In October the same year, the first ten Ugandan trainees came to STDU, and fulfilled their 92-day training in January the next year. In February 2018, STDU delegations visited Uganda, and signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Makerere University.

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