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International Students participated in Aid Education

Date: 2019-04-15  


With the aim of helping international students to adapt a new living and studying environment in China and to understand Chinese culture, School of International Education organized 41 international students to carry out an aid education activity at Zhaozhou Town Middle School and an educational visit to Zhaozhou Bridge in April 7th, 2019.

During the aid education activity, international students who were divided into 12 groups in classes are not only served as teachers but also friends. They interacted with Chinese students from Zhaozhou Town Middle School in English, and also presented exotic dances and songs in different countries. Furthermore, some of the international students showed their interest in Chinese language and learned some from the Chinese students in class. Gradually the Chinese students had made great progress from being confused in the beginning, to being able to understand some conversations in the end. It was kindness and loves the international students expressed through this activity that made them acquired confidence to themselves and high praise from faculties and students in Zhaozhou Town Middle School. Most of the international students were freshmen in spring 2019, and it was their first time to have such an opportunity to go to a middle school in China for aid education. They said it was a very meaningful activity, and very helpful to their self-growth at the same time.


After the aid education activity, the international students visited the Zhaozhou Bridge, which is China's first open-spandrel segmental arch bridge of stone construction with 1400 years of history. Its support structure remains intact and the bridge is still in use. It is a wonder in the history of bridges. Through studying the design and structure of Zhaozhou Bridge, international students realized the wisdom and strength of ancient Chinese people and deepened their understanding to Chinese culture.

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