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International Students attended the 11th "JiZhiGuang"

Date: 2018-07-07  

On May 19th, the international students organized by the School of International Education took part in the 11th "JiZhiGuang" Chinese Skills and Talent Competition for Foreign Students held by Department of Education of Hebei Province.  The competition was divided into two parts, Chinese skills competition and Chinese talent show. In this competition, the international students had a striking performance with exquisite songs and their graceful dances.


Beijing-opera Faces Performance

     The international students not only enjoyed the content and process of the competition but also inspected and learned from others performance. Therefore, they gained respect from competitors and applause of audience. During this competition they not only improved the Chinese talent but also learned more about Chinese traditional history and culture.


Chinese Tradition Qipao Model Performance

                        The History and Common Sense Culture Competition

The Chinese Characters Dictation Competition





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