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International Students Attended the Spring Sports Meeting

Date: 2018-05-25  


The 34th Sports Meeting of Shijiazhuang Tiedao University was held on the athletic field in May 12th. The atmosphere was full of youth and energy, and filled with courage and struggle.

At the opening ceremony, the international students of the national flags parade were wearing the formal sportswear and holding flags that stand for their countries. They were marching pass the main platform in high spirits and tidy uniforms. Then the dance team of international students performed modeling and African dance. The modeling performance showed the Chinese classical charm, when the slim and graceful models performed with their blue and white cheongsams under the graceful Chinese classical music. During the African dance performance, the strong but soft African flavor was released to the air. So many different cultures enlightened colorful sparkles. The audiences were impressed by the successful performances, and the international students were given long and thunderous applause by the audiences.

                       The National Flags Parade


The School of International Education team won the 5th place after the teachers and students fighting during the one day and a half day's competition. In individual projects, EDI from Cameroon won the 1st place in men's 100-meter race and 3rd in men's 200-meter race. DANNYBOY from South Africa ranked 2nd in man's shot-put; BULUNGAMI from Zambia ranked 2nd in men's-800meter; PHILBERT from Zambia won the 3rd place in men's-400 meter; SUNGA from Zimbabwe gained the championship in men's triple jump and the 2nd in high jump. In group project, the girls took the 2nd place in women's 4*100meter; boys ranked 2nd in men's 4*100-meter and 6*400 meter.


               The Chinese Characteristics Performance


The sports meeting showed overseas students spirit of solidarity and strength, and the sports meeting enriched students' campus life. In the competition, the competitors held the positive attitude --- "Friendship First, Competition Second", and delivered impressive performances. Through the competition, international students have learned to pursuit health, hold gratitude for life, and to be brave when facing challenges. Every athlete with the sweat and the will explained the spirit of sports to us.

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